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    by Published on 12-01-2014 15:40  Number of Views: 4077 

    So I bet a few of you are wondering what this 1 in 100 Draw stuff is all about???

    Well it is quite simple really. The idea is that a prize is offered and 100 tickets are sold. There is only one winner so hence 1 in 100.

    Now we all know what a sterling effort the moderating team and associated personnel here do at running this forum, but unfortunately as we all know running forums comes at a cost. So by running prize draws we can raise money towards the hosting fees etc and at the same time get the opportunity to get our hands on some top quality merchandise.
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    by Published on 01-05-2013 10:25  Number of Views: 9201 
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    Welcome to - the free and independent BMW forum.

    BFI was founded in March 2012 by a group of like-minded individuals, to give fellow BMW owners a new source of information and advice about the cars that we're passionate about. You'll find a vast range of technical information, DIY guides and hints and tips - all of which is being added to as the forum grows. There's a section for member's projects, where you can see what people are doing to their own cars and maybe get some ideas to try for yourself. We've got all kinds of projects on the go - from immaculate OEM-style cars to full restorations of genuine classic BMWs, so there's bound to be something that appeals to everyone's tastes. There's even an old TVR knocking around here somewhere... ...
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    by Published on 02-10-2013 09:50     Number of Views: 3563 

    We're pleased to offer all members a BFI and personalised Polo shirt and a BFI Hoody.

    The Polo shirts will cost 13 per shirt without personalisation or 15 with plus p&p . If sufficiently popular both Black and White Polo shirts will be ordered.

    The Hoodys will cost 20 per item plus p&p and again if sufficiently popular both Black and White Polo Hoodys will be ordered. ...
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    by Published on 17-05-2013 18:15  Number of Views: 6224 
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    A couple of months ago, I sent an email to Total BMW, asking them if they'd like to give us a bit of a write-up in the magazine. A lovely lady called Sarah replied to me and asked if I'd be able to write a few words and send them some pictures. After a lot of head-scratching and brain-farts, I managed to come up with a few lines about the forum and you lovely lot. Then I set about trawling the place for photos - no mean feat when there are so many exceptional cars on here to choose from. Once I'd selected about ten photos of meets and member's cars, I sent the email off to Sarah, who told me it'd be published in the June issue - she very kindly didn't laugh at my attempt at writing either. ...
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    by Published on 01-12-2013 23:48  Number of Views: 6051 

    Each week BMW will be running a competition for members to get their cars on show on our BMW Facebook page, cars submitted by members will be voted on and the winner will have their car posted onto our Facebook page. ...
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    by Published on 16-09-2013 19:21  Number of Views: 15250 
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    Even with the poor weather, we're extremely happy to say Santa Pod 2013 was a confirmed success.

    On the Saturday we had roughly 35 members and friends in and around the BBQ, all have reported a friendly chilled out party atmosphere where new and old members mingled together, having the common bond of all things BMW & general petrol heads to spark conversation. ...
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