BMW E46 Rear trailing arm bush removal, replacement DIY guide
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    BMW E46 Rear trailing arm bush removal, replacement DIY guide

    BMW E46 Rear trailing arm bush removal, replacement DIY guide.

    This guide will show you how to replace the rear trailing arm bushes, I was lucky and had the proper tool to hand, but a threaded bar, nuts and some large sockets will do the same.

    Here you can see why the bush needed replacing, the rubber has dislodged completely from the shell of the bush, causing the arm to knock and move around.

    Remove the ABS wiring from the plastic clips located around the trailing arm bush.

    Remove the 10mm headed bolt that holds the brake flexi pipe to the arm.

    Mark the position of the cradle(where it bolts up) in relation to the chassis and then remove the 3 bolts that hold the cradle up to the chassis.

    Remove the 18mm headed bolt that holds the cradle to the trailing arm.(Use a spanner on the nut the other end)

    Bush knackered and hanging out of the arm.

    Here's the tool extracting the old bush and shell.

    Comparison of the old and new replacement bush.

    And the tool for fitting the bush back in with.

    The bush goes in with the slots pointing up and down on the arm, simple case of cleaning up the inside of the arm with some sand paper and then using the tool to wind the new bush in, then throw it back together, remembering to line the cradle up as close as possible to how it was positioned before. You should get the rear wheels aligned after carrying out the replacement of these bushes.

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    I would add use a scribe to scratch around the bolt heads in complete circles onto the console. The console is not flush to the floor and scribing around it is nowhere near as accurate. With the scratch marks concentric to the bolt heads on reassembly it should be within a few thou of where it was before, and of course last time this was done that position is where the arm would be with a new bush.

    RTAB should not be twisted up with car at rest but if the old one was destroyed then you may not have an idea what angle console would be at. There is some info somewhere around sing an Xmm diameter rod on the bottom face lined up with a hole elsewhere. Strictly speaking standard alignment only applies to standard ride height

    Cars should always be aligned after of course.
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