How to change your head unit on your E46
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    How to change your head unit on your E46


    I thought i would do another guide and this time for removing and replacing the stereo in your E46.

    Before we start i need to say:

    *****I have performed the maintainace myself and i am comfortable with my ability to do so and i can not be held responsible if you damage your vehicle in an event to follow my guide.*****

    OK lets start, firstly you will need to purchase the following:

    A facia adapter

    ISO adapter

    FAKRA aerial adapter

    Or if you have poor radio reception (Some Alpine stereos give out a lower frequency, not too sure which other stereos), you might need a booster FAKRA

    Once you have got these items with your headunit, you will need to take the dash strip off, put a flat head screw driver under the passenger strip and leverage it up:

    Take the strip off and leverage the centre strip by starting with the side nearest to the steering wheel.

    At each side of the stereo, there should be a screw each side, unscrew them:

    Pull the stereo out carefully

    At the back of the stereo, there is a clip, put a flat head screw driver in the top and leverage it up:

    As you pull the clip up, it should come away. And disconnect the aerial.:

    Get the ISO and FAKRA connectors and connect it to the standard connections (In the picture i have taken it from the glove box):

    If you need to put a Booster in, connect the booster up and you will nee to connect the Blue Booster wire with the Red stereo wire.

    Feed the connectors through the facia adapter and screw the adapter in place:

    Once done, mount the stereo cage in:

    Connect the stereo with the aerial and ISO:

    At this point, you should check the stereo.

    1.Turn the ignition on and make sure everything works, put a cd in and listen to a track or preset a station.
    2.When you have done that, turn the ignition off and take the key out and leave for 2 minutes.
    3. Turn the ignition on and check the stereo, if the station or cd track have been reset, you will need to change the yellow and red connectors over. Do that and repeat steps 1 and 2.

    Once you are happy, feed the wires back into the hole and slot the stereo in place and replace your trim and your are finished:

    Hope this helps, i know some off the pictures are abit iffy but im sure you get the jist.

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