How to fit a CCFL kit to your E46 Saloon, Coupe & Cabriolet
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    How to fit a CCFL kit to your E46 Saloon, Coupe & Cabriolet


    Another thread, but this time on how to fit a CCFL kit. I've had this kit for a while with the vision that this was going to be a nightmare to fit, but its quite easy, for me that is but may be abit advanced for others.

    So, before we start i need to say:

    *****I have performed the maintainace myself and i am comfortable with my ability to do so and i can not be held responsible if you damage your vehicle in an event to follow my guide.*****

    My car is a pre-facelift model so it might differ on the face-lift version, so please dont take my guide as gospel.

    You will need a CCFL kit ( I bought mine off eBay), medium flat head screwdriver, a 8mm socket with ratchet & extension, some grease, hairdryer/heat gun, glue gun, a torch and a cloth/rag.

    *****After making this guide, NealP has pointed out the use of the Glue Gun and the glue is not the best for the job. So where i have used a Glue Gun, please replace with using the double sided tape provided with the kit or use another adhesive that will withstand heat.*****

    OK lets start:

    Open the bonnet and look at the headlight and focus on the trim that runs along the bottom of the light unit. If you have headlight washer units, pry the cap back, be careful not to scratch the paint:

    Pull the jets and carefully pull the fixture off. It might need a little persuasion so be a little gentle:

    Put it to one side and follow the trim toward the grill. At the end of the trim, you will see a clip inside:

    Push the clip inwards with the screwdriver and carefully pull the trim back:

    As doing so, the trim will be clipped to the wing, pull the trim back slight and fiddle about and the trim will come away from the wing, not to be too harsh as you could damage the wing or trim:

    Once off, put the trim to one side so you dont damage it. Now to take the headlight out. There are 4 8mm hex bolts that hold the unit in, 2 on the top, on the rear and 1 awkward one inbetween the headlight and inner grill trim, take them all out (handy tip, put some grease in the end of the socket so it grips on to the bolt head, you dont want to drop a bolt do you?!):

    Now pull the unit towards you, be careful and not to catch anything.

    Start unclipping all the connectors:

    Unclip and slide the indicator off:

    Now the unit should to ready to take apart. On the top of the unit, there is a rubber weather strip that is held on by 5 clips, 2 on the side and 3 on top:

    Unclip them one by one and pull them forward:

    The lense is held on by 7 clips, 1 on the side and 3 on the top and bottom. Lift the clips up and start pulling the lense off:

    Lense off, there is a surround that needs to come off. Pull each corner towards you and it will easily come off:

    And now its ready for the CCFL kit:

    The kit i had came with 8 clips, 2 for each ring, yours could be slightly different. When putting the clips on, be careful as they thin. On the flat part there is a slight indentation, this is where the clip slides on:

    I put the clips on with the thin side down:

    I then positioned both rings. I did take me some time to fit them how i wanted to, so dont rush and have a fiddle with them. Once happy, take the sidelight out, this is where i feed the wires through. A tight squeeze but the plugs do go through:

    At this point, i took the unit back to the car and tested the kit. Put each prong on the plug for the side light and test it, if it doesnt work, switch the prongs and it should work. If that doesnt help, make sure you got the right plug (use the other side as a guide), and if all fails, you've got a duff kit, sorry .

    But this is when i tested mine:

    Because the clips only held the rings in a place, i decided to get the glue gun out to secure the rings. There is 4 little metal tabs on each ring which i used to put a drop of glue on and put some on the clips as well. *****Slight amendment, because the automatic headlight adjustment the headlights would not adjust properly so please forget about gluing the tabs in place*****:

    Once dried and secure, i sealed the holes and wires in place with the gluegun:

    Once set, I plugged the rings to the charger,the connectors on mine came with shrinkwrap, so out comes the heat gun. Connect both rings up and put the the shrinkwrap over each connector:

    Build the unit back up:

    Go back to the car and start fitting the unit back in, be careful with the charger unit:

    Connect everything back up and bolt back in place. *Tip, bolt the awkward bolt first and use grease so the bolt doesnt drop.

    plug the CCFL in and test again:

    Once happy, i sealed the connectors to the plug with the glue gun:

    You can seal it another way but this was simple enough for me. If you do use a glue gun, make sure you dont leave any connection bare and seal it up properly.

    When thats set, cable tie the wires to the charger box:

    and then cable tie that on to something secure, I used the existing loom:

    Fit the indicator and trim back:

    And enjoy :

    Like all my threads, i hope this comes to some use and i hope you can benefit from the guide. And as always, any little hints and tips are always welcome.

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