How to blank off your E46 Compact Rear Wiper
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    How to blank off your E46 Compact Rear Wiper


    I thought I would do another guide before i leave the bimmer world and this time for removing and blanking your E46 rear wiper motor.

    I only blanked mine off because the motor was duff and couldn't justify spending 200 on a new one.

    Before we start i need to say:

    *****I have performed the maintenance myself and I am comfortable with my ability to do so and I can not be held responsible if you damage your vehicle in an event to follow my guide.*****

    OK lets start, firstly you will need to purchase items 12 & 13 in the diagram (approx 13): - Diagram View

    and it will come like so:

    The outer cap does come primered so all you need to do is paint it. I went to my local Autopaint dealer and got a rattle can made up for 11+vat. The colour is matched but not perfectly, I'm not too sure if BMW do one but I'm sure you can ask.

    **You don't have to paint it yourself, i am just showing you how i did it with using local materials.**

    Before I painted the cap, I cleaned it with silicone cleaner:

    and then got the rattle can - make sure your in a warm environment and make sure the can is not cold before spraying (i didn't sand down the cap, i just sprayed straight on):

    I did 3 base coats:

    and 2 coats of lacquer. I them left it for 2 days and sanded the cap down with 1500 wet & dry paper. (Don't worry about the dull look, we will sort that out once we have fitted the cap):

    You now need to open the boot and look up at the cover:

    Take out the triangle box, remove the cover covering the holding catch and take off the light and disconnect it:

    At each side of the holding catch there are 2 plastic pin clips, push the pin through ( you might be able to find them again but don't worry too much if you lose them)

    Once pushed through, get a flat head screwdriver and lift them out:

    There are 6 screws in total, 4 in the part where the triangle box sit and 2 with screw covers on. The 2 with the covers on, get underneath them with a small flat head and they will pop off.

    Once all the screws are off, the cover is ready to be taken off. The cover is held on by plastic clips so all you need to do is lift and the cover will come off. Start with the top corners:

    and then work your way around:

    The cover should now lift off and you will see the motor:

    Close the boot and go to the wiper and lift the nut cover:

    pull the water pipe off and undo the 13mm nut:

    Pull the wiper arm off :

    and open the boot. Disconnect the pipe and the 2 connectors:

    There are 3 10mm bolts holding the motor in place, undo them and pull the motor out:

    There is a rubber bung that needs pushing out:

    Get the blanking cap, fit the seal seal on to it and put it in the hole:

    Lift the boot and get the plastic nut and fit into place:

    And tighten, be careful as it only needs a quarter turn:

    now that the cap is in place, get some G3 or other rubbing compound on to a cloth and rub some onto the car until you get a shiny finish:

    Once happy, put the cover back on and put everything back to the way it was, simples.

    Like on all my How to's, please feel free to add or comment.



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