This guide was done on a touring model. The principle is the same for all E30 models. But the rear seats come out in a slightly different way...

First step is to remove the rear seat base. The fuel pump unit is located under a plate under the rear drivers side.

On touring models the carpet has to be pulled up from the floor to gain access to the unit. The AA guy decided to cut the carpet..
This is NOT necessary.
First step on the tourings is to remove the rear seat belt stalks. These are 16mm bolts.

Then pull the carpet forward towards the front seats

On saloon and coupe models, this step is not necessary. On the touring you have to remove the securing bar that the rear seat base clips to.
This is held in by 4 4mm allen headed grub screws. Undo these and the bar slides forward out of the brackets.

Next is to remove the plate above the fuel pump. This is held on with 4 phillips headed screws.

Now you can see the top of the pump assembly.

Now undo the hoseclip and disconnect the fuel line. Disconnect the fuel pump and level sender connections.Take care at this stage as you will now be in contact with the fuel.
Now also pull out the fuel level sender. It is secured into the middle of the pump asesembly with 4 8mm nuts.
Have a bucket to hand as it will now leak fuel.

Now the pump is ready to be removed. You turn the pump anti-clockwise to unlcip it from the tank. Then gently pull the pump upwards.

You can order a new pump complete, but these are more expensive than just the pump itself. You will now need to rebuild the new pump into the assembly.

Remove the old pump from the assembly and wire on the new terminals supplied with the pump

Place the new pump on the assembly and push the new connectors into the plug block supplied. BE AWARE OF THE + and - connector positions.

You will now find that the old connector from the pump to the feed is too short. I used a length of 7mm fuel hose.

Now fit the new strainer supplied and the pump is ready to fit back into the tank.
The pump will be fiddly to get back into the tank but if you push the pump in at an angle it will go back in. Also take car not to lose the sealing ring that goes between the pump and the tank. Re fit the level sender unit.

Now connect everything back up, Run the car and check for any fuel leaks.

And there you go. Job done....