Please if you are not confident please ask questions. Remember you will be drilling your parcel shelf!! So dont blame me if you make a mess

Step 1:
Look up into the boot and in the shelf next to the speakers you should see two holes like this.

Step 2:
I used a 3mm drill bit to drill a hole straight up the centre of the guide. You do have to be a bit careful as you will be drilling up through the angled part of the shelf. Just try and keep it as accurate as you can.

Repeat this for the other 3 holes

Step 3:
Now work inside the car. I used a cone cutting tool to enlarge the pilot holes that i drilled from inside the boot, make sure the holes you drill are about the same size as the headrest mounts. I think they are 13mm, but check first!

Step 4:
I managed to get some finishers for the headrest guides, but if you make a tidy job you may not have to use them. You cant see them when the headrests are down,

Step 5:
I slid the guides out of the headrest cushions, then push the guides through the holes. If you use a torch you can see through the holes you cut and down into the boot. These tubes are where the guides go. When you have pushed them through check in the boot and you should see the bottom of the guides in the holes

Step 6:
Then gently line up the headrest cushion and gently slide it down the guides.

Then you have rear headrests, it makes the car look much better