E36 and E46 Rear Spring Replacement Guide
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    E36 and E46 Rear Spring Replacement Guide

    I have decided to do a guide on this as we seem to have a lot of questions regarding rear springs snapping and replacement on the 3 series.
    This was done on an E36 but the same procedure applies for the E46 as well..

    I have done this on a ramp, but same priciples apply on your drive, instead of a transmission jack a trolly jack will do. Make sure the whole rear end is jacked up so you are not fighting the rear anti-roll bar...

    Tools you will need are: Trolly jack, 18mm socket, rachet or spanner and a long bar or a fat mate..

    First jack the rear of the car up and make sure it is sat firmly on axle stands and then remove the wheel...

    Then support the rear hub assembly with a jack...

    Now undo the lower shock absorber 18mm headed bolt...

    Now remove the jack and let the whole hub assembly hang free....

    Now this is where you may need a hand. You can use a long bar to pull the rear hub assmbly down enough to just pull out the rear spring. TBH is easier on the floor as you can get a fat mate just to stand on the rear hub and this will pull the arm down enough to remove the spring.

    Then when you have swapped the upper and lower rubber spring pads to the new spring, pull the arm down in the same way as removal and the new spring wil go in...

    Then you jack the rear arm assembly up to compress the spring and you can then re fit the lower shock absorber bolt. The torque is 100nm

    Job done. Then re fit and torque the wheels, wheel torque 110nm....

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