BMW E46 M43tu Crankshaft sensor replacement
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    BMW E46 M43tu Crankshaft sensor replacement

    BMW E46 M43tu Crankshaft sensor replacement DIY guide.

    This guide will show you where the crankshaft sensor is located, and how to change it on an E46 M43Tu engine.

    Location of the crankshaft sensor, underneath the starter motor, passenger side of the engine block(RHD)

    Remove the 5mm Allen head set screw.

    Pull the sensor from out of the engine block.

    My sensor had a cable tie to help secure the plug, cut the cable tie off and remove the plug from the sensor

    Old sensor removed from the engine.

    Fit the new sensor back in, tighten the retaining Allen set screw and reconnect the plug.

    You now should have any old fault codes cleared from the engine ECU(DME) and you're then all good to go.

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