BMW E36 engine mount replacement DIY guide. How To change your E36 engine mounts
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    BMW E36 engine mount replacement DIY guide. How To change your E36 engine mounts

    BMW E36 engine mount replacement DIY guide. How To change your E36 engine mounts

    This is a guide for an E36 4 cylinder engine but is fairly universal to all e36s and some other models.

    Tools required, jack, wide block of wood to go between the engine sump and jack to prevent damage when jacking engine up on sump, axle stands, ratchets, long extensions, 16/17mm sockets, universal joint or impact UJ, 32mm spanner, hammer, screwdriver or trim clip tool and impact gun if you are lazy.

    Apologies for the pictures, they were taken years ago!
    Jack the front of the car up onto axle stands. Pelican Technical Article: Jacking Up your 3-Series E36 BMW

    Loosen off fan(clockwise) with 32mm spanner and a hammer, being careful not to damage or break any surrounding objects.

    Remove clips securing fan shroud and remove fan and shroud.

    Here you can partially see the rubber split away from the centre mount.

    Undo and remove the nut on top of the engine mount.

    Undo and remove the nut on the lower engine mount.

    Carefully jack the engine up so the engine is off from the rubber mount, remember to use a block of wood between the sump and jack.

    Then remove the old engine mount.

    The engine mounts on e36s are hydraulically dampened hence the fluid that has leaked out from our old mount.

    New mount along side the old.

    Install the new mount ensuring the lower locating dowel goes in its hole.

    Carefully lower the engine down onto the mount and tighten the bolts top and bottom.

    Install the fan and shroud and lightly tighten the fan(anti clockwise) with your 32mm spanner.

    The jobs done.
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