How to change the fuel filter on a BMW E36
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    How to change the fuel filter on a BMW E36

    Thought id post my way of changing the fuel filter on a e36 coupe 318is im assuming it will be the same for saloons and 6 cylinder versions

    This is what I do.
    locate fuel pump fuse no 18 (rated at 15 amps blue in colour) start car allow to stall turn off ignition

    open fuel filler flap remove filler stopper place on hook on flap.

    jack car up place on axel stands on the jacking points.

    the filter is located on the passengers side of the vehicle underneath the passengers seat area.

    remove fixings either 10mm screw heads or pozi drive screws. that hold gaurd

    remove fixing bracket silver in colour

    remove jubilee clips

    pull pipes off filter wear gloves googles and have a tray as fuel will pour out.

    slide on new clips

    have filter with arrow point to front of car attach bracket

    attach pipes to filter tighten up new clips

    replace filler stopper close filler cap

    replace fuse and start car will take a few secs to fill filter.

    check for leaks.

    replace gaurd.

    put car on floor.

    dispose of filer by the correct means

    job done takes 10 mins tops
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