How to strip down and rebuild E36 door mirrors *pic heavy*
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    How to strip down and rebuild E36 door mirrors *pic heavy*

    Hey everyone
    i saw a thread on the forum asking about heated mirrors and which E36s got them
    the reason i am doing this is so i can replace the black outer facia as its damaged and to changing the wiring harness because my E36 has heated mirrors where as the mirrors i purchased do not

    I started off with a passenger side mirror

    you can see some damage to the painted outer casing this will be changed at another time

    to remove the mirror glass push the top of the mirror in and grip the bottom of the glass with your finger tips

    with a sharp tug the glass should come away from the motor
    you can see the slight damage to the outer facia

    you will be looking at this next

    remove the 5 small screws around the facia, make sure you have the right size of screw driver (phillips head) and put plenty of pressure on the screw

    once you have done this carefully remove the black facia, there are 2 pins that slide into the smaller black cover

    its a bit awkward to remove but with some patience you'll get it

    you will be looking at this now

    to remove the outer cover squeeze the tabs together gently, they will break if youre too rough and pull away from the mounting plate, there is another tab which connects the painted cover to the black cover beside it

    it just pulls away from the black cover

    you will now be left with this

    the final cover has to be pulled up to remove it

    there is a small cover on the underside of the mirror

    to remove it bend the mirror as you would if you were parking the car
    doing the and it will line up a hole

    insert a small tool or such like and try to remove the clips that hold it in place, i used an allen key, its not easy to do and one of the tabs will break

    once you break it off you will have this

    here is the cover with its broken tab

    to remove the motor, undo the 4 retaining screws

    and pull the motor out
    you can see 4 cables going into the back of the motor, make a note of which way these go in
    the motor has "top" marked in it to note the orientation

    the connections are pretty well in so be careful when you pull them out

    to remove the wiring just feed in the motor connections and pull at the other end and it will come out

    here is the difference between the 2 harnesses
    the lower one being the heated mirror harness, you can see the 2 extra connections

    feed in the heated mirror wiring harness taking car not to damage anything

    reconnect the wiring in the motor check your notes for the correct reconnection

    attach the motor back to the base
    please note i have put the heater cables (black cables) sticking out of the wrong side of the motor i had to unscrew the motor and route them to the other side of the motor

    reattach the small black cover

    then the painted cover (no pic)
    then the big black cover on the mirror side, make sure everything is lined up correctly before you put the screws back in

    connect the cables to the mirror

    and push the mirror back on gently and listen out for 4 clicks
    and youre done

    go and get a cup of tea
    i hope this guide has been helpful

    this is a guide on how to undertake the above job
    this is not to be taken as gospel in any way there may be other ways of doing this but i have posted the way i did it
    further more if you happen to break anything on your mirror(s) whilst using this guide, i will not take any responsibility for you having goofy hands you ape

    this is not a retro fit guide for fitting your E36 with heated mirrors

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