E36 Xenon/HID Install DIY
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    E36 Xenon/HID Install DIY

    I opted for a 6000k kit which is pure white with a slight tint of blue, its the brightest and whitest, and in my opinion, the best choice.
    Remember aftermarket Xenon/HID Kit bulbs cannot be replaced with just a bulb they need the cabling/wiring as well - see link at bottom of the guide.

    Its essentially plug 'n' play, but there's a bit of DIY in finding space to mount the ballasts and working out where the power connectors go.

    This is the all the contents of the H1 Xenon/HID Conversion Kit (nearly all kits are the same as this). Ballasts mounts are not included in this photo, they vary anyway with each manufacturer.

    Click for large photo

    The ballasts are silver packs on the left, the other wires literally just plug in, there's no wrong way of connecting those up which is why I didn't get photos to show you. You'll want to leave everything unplugged until you've mounted the ballasts though.

    First thing is to find a place to mount the ballasts. Anyone installing on an E36 with a straight six will find there's less room than I had when installing this on my old E36. Make sure the wires will reach the headlamp unit before you drill any holes.

    The first one, on the right-hand side of the engine bay, was the easy one (You should be able to work out from this photo where this is. You'll need to drill a hole right though to secure the mounts - but before you do this, make sure that you're not going to be drilling into anything underneath! Also make sure the hole you're drilling is big enough to fit the bolt/screw that goes through the ballast mount, but also make sure its not too big so its secure.

    Click for large photo

    Once the ballast is mounted, take off the headlight cover (where the existing low beam bulb is) and remove the existing bulb, and disconnect it from the existing connector, yellow in my case. Then unhook the ground, brown wire from where its connected - the photo below shows how it looks before you remove the existing bulb.

    Click for large photo

    Next thing is to connect all the connectors/cables that came with the HID Kit like in the top photo. Then you'll want to drill a hole in the headlight cover that will fit the bulb through as well as the two power connectors.

    These two wires below are part of the HID Kit - the red one easily plugs into the yellow wire, and the black one easily plugs into the brown wire.

    Click for large photo

    When you've drilled the hole into the headlight cover, quickly check that the new Xenon bulb works by plugging in the power connectors pictured below. Then if all is ok push everything through the drilled hole. Plug the bulb into where the old halogen bulb went and connect the power connectors up like explained above. Here is a photo of how mine looked before I tidied my wiring up a bit, the view is looking straight down at the back of the headlight cover.

    Click for large photo

    Now you just have to find a place for the other ballast, mount it and repeat the process. I ended up having to mount mine just below the screen washer module, the photo below shows before I had fully mounted the ballast. I'm not 100% sure if this is ok, but it is secure and doesn't move, I also put insulating tape over it as precaution for any overheating.

    Click for large photo

    After making sure everything is working held firmly in place, I then used more thick insulating tape to make the ballasts even more secure and protected.

    The Final Results

    Click for large photo

    Click for large photo

    Click for large photo

    Replacing Xenon/HID Bulbs
    One thing to remember is that if one of your xenon bulbs go, you can't just go and buy a standard xenon/hid replacement bulb, as aftermarket Xenon/HID Kits have the bulb plugged into the wiring/cable. To get aftermarket bulb replacements, check out this UK site - HID Lighting Kits, Xenon HID Conversion Kits, Xenon Car Headlights | UK - XENONSHOP about 40 a pair
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