BMW e34 Wing Removal
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    BMW e34 Wing Removal

    Heres a quick guide if you want to remove/ replace a wing on an e34, this is just how i went about it

    This is an early 1993 pre facelift but the facelift is the same IIRC

    Youll need a rachet, 17mm and 10mm sockets, flat blade and star screwdrivers

    First of all get the 2 trims off. Should come off by sliding towards the side of the car from here using your thumb

    If it wont move get a cloth and the flat screwdriver and push it with that, just pulls off once youve slid it about an inch

    then youve got these nuts, 2 other side as well, slacken with the 17mm socket but leave them on the bolt right at the end for now

    then youve got this widget. Use the flat blade to loosen one quarter of a turn

    make sure the blade of the screwdriver your using fits snug into the slot, if its not youd be better getting one that does or it might break the tab

    do the same other side

    next unplug the fog lights. Forgot pics but you cant miss the plugs from under the car

    then pull the sides of the bumper at the widgets as it has to clear these brackets before it will slide off, it will then slide forward a couple of inches as well

    once thats done remove the 4 17mm nuts at the front and it will come off, its not heavy

    Job done

    Then the wing/s

    Youll need your ratchet, 10mm socket and star and flat blade screwdrivers

    first remove these 2 screws right at the bottom of the wing with the ratchet. On the pre face lift you might have to peel away the rubber sealant on the screws for the socket, sorry this is allready done but you cant miss the 2 screws

    then get the door fully open and theres 2 at the font edge, this is the top one, the other ones at the bottom

    then theres one at the side bracket for the bumper, the rusty one you see there

    next youll need the screwdriver for the screw right at the front corner

    first youll need to pull this trim out slightly using the flat blade on these tabs

    now youll get good access to the screw

    next the bolts along the top edge of the wing with the ratchet, theres 7 along there

    once youve removed them you can pull the wing slightly outward from the side and remove the indicator connection. Just wiggles out

    one more thing to do

    as you pull the wing upwards from near the front youll have to bend out these 2 knuckle slightly on the bracket that are in 2 holes either side of that bolt, just enough to slide the wing up n off

    now youve got the bumper and a wing off

    Theres nothing really different about refitting them

    Im not very tech minded and its pretty straight forward
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    Great guide & pics there Derek, thanks for taking the time to post it all up

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