Guide for BMW e34 Instrument Cluster Removal/ Dismantling
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    Guide for BMW e34 Instrument Cluster Removal/ Dismantling

    This isnt the set way to do this, just the way i did it.

    The car is an e34 520i manual built in June 1995 with a non OBC or CHECK CONTROL cluster

    Had to replace my cluster as the mileage pixels had just about gone altogether and this is without removing the steering wheel.

    Faded pixels, needed a torch to read them

    Only tool i used for removal was a small/ short phillips screwdriver.

    First thing, make sure the front wheels are sitting straight then disconnect the cars battery under the rear seat cushion.

    Pull the steering wheel adjust all the way out to its maximum then remove the mileage reset button.

    Next undo the 2 phillips screws on the top of the cluster holding it to the dash. Use the screwdriver to gently prise the cluster forward slightly till you can slide it almost out with your fingers. Next youll see the 2 plugs, yellow and blue, so unlpug them and your ready to slide the cluster out past the wheel.

    I found it easier to slide it to the left side of the wheel making sure tho that the top edge of the cluster is below the top part of the wheel

    It does take a bit of pressure but not too much if you pull the top of the wheel towards you as you do it, should move a couple of mm

    Once youve got it removed you can unclip the back of the cluster to clean the glass or whatever. I tried to remove the glass on my old one seperately sliding a screwdriver along its edge and ended up breaking the glass

    I used 2 flat head screwdrivers for this, a thin one and a slightly wider one

    First undo these clips. Big driver for the big one and small for small, this is allready unclipped as i forgot the pic! Then theres 2 tabs to turn horizontal to unlock the cover, theyre nearer the bottom corners

    First thing youll get when the clips are undone is the PCB

    Put that aside and you got this

    If you just fold down this blue bit towards you the speedo and rev counter can be removed, should just slide out without any force

    If you want to remove the temp and fuel gauge youll have to unclip it, should unclip without too much force

    Now youve got access to the rear of the glass, cant see how it comes apart further so didnt try.

    I know them haynes manuals, would be surprised if they covered this, are a nightmare for saying refitting is reversal of removal but thats just the way i did it.

    New cluster went back in the way the old one came out, can read the mileage again

    If your replacing your cluster altogether and want the same mileage on the replacement then you need the coding plug for your one into the new one. This is the green plug. You have to break the tab to remove it, just slides out

    The dealer told me that this doesnt always work and you could be left with the tamper dot next to the mileage, i must have been lucky

    The cars battery should be disconnected for at least 5 mins before swapping the plugs

    Would be safer to remove the wheel in case the clusters glass breaks but ive never removed one on the e34 but i had 2 seperate clusters in and out maybe 5/6 times this way and all was ok

    Dont forget to disconnect the battery as youll end up with the airbag light as i did, too much of a hurry as usual

    Easy enough job if you take your time

    Edit: I just removed it again but this time i removed the 2 phillips screws holding on the steering wheel column shroud, one holding the top section and one holding the bottom section. Watch out for the wee tabs falling out that the screws go into. Cluster came out very easy doing this with the steering wheel still on also
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