A message from the moderating team 31/12/2013.
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    A message from the moderating team 31/12/2013.


    Hello ladies and gentlemen of the forum, I would firstly like to start by thanking each and every one of you for your contributions and support to BMW Forums.info - BMW Forum | BMW Owners Club | BMW Forums | Discount Genuine BMW Parts in whatever form they have come to us in 2013 and to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope that 2014 is a happy and prosperous one for you all and that, with the help from you all, the forum continues to go from strength to strength.

    As our forum continues to grow and expand at the rate that we have seen recently some sections of the forum have become very busy which is great to see, in addition the interaction and help between members has been fantastic. At the time of conception of BMW Forums.info - BMW Forum | BMW Owners Club | BMW Forums | Discount Genuine BMW Parts we tried to keep the forum quite casual and encouraged members to speak freely within certain sections to encourage a full and frank exchange of views. However, over time I am afraid to say that things have been allowed to slip and recently this has led to a few members feeling challenged and undervalued.

    I would like to remind everyone on the forum to keep the technical sections just that – technical, any unnecessary banter or chat in these areas will be removed by a moderator. By all means chat away in the open sections such as “The lounge” or “The pub” (it’s a place for adults to have some laughs), BUT PLEASE be respectful – ANY form of bullying or victimisation WILL NOT be tolerated and may result in action taken against the persons responsible including permanent exclusion from the forum.

    I would like to think that we can all act as responsible adults whilst contributing to the forums success and keep things civil amongst ourselves, but if any member feels that they are not being taken seriously or being treated unfairly then please contact a moderator who will raise this issue within our group and deal with it accordingly.

    Please remember that the moderators on the forum give their time for free and often spend long hours editing, sorting and reposting in threads for many members of the forum – they are IMPARTIAL and offer help and assistance in all areas and the last thing that anyone of us wants to do is exclude a member from the forum for having an opinion. I am sure that all of us know how to interact with one another without causing any animosity or upset, but as moderators we owe it to the forum to deal with these issues quickly and decisively.

    Sorry if this message seems long, heavy or perhaps even a little condescending but hopefully it will serve to get the same message across to each and every member and we can ALL enjoy BMW Forums.info - BMW Forum | BMW Owners Club | BMW Forums | Discount Genuine BMW Parts to the best effect for 2014

    Have a great year everyone, all the best Kevin and the moderating team.

    If you have any issues with a thread or post, please see here:- http://www.bmwforums.info/how-use-bm...ate-posts.html
    If you wish to raise anything in a particular post or thread please see here:- http://www.bmwforums.info/how-use-bm...explained.html
    If you need to refresh yourself of the forum rules please see here:- BMW Forums.info - BMW Forum | BMW Owners Club | BMW Forums | Discount Genuine BMW parts | - Forum Rules
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