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    Attention all forum members...

    It has come to our attention that we have a potential scammer in our midst... (As of now, communication between us and the member in question has broken down!)

    We (the moderating team) have tried our very best to get the member in question to speak to us, to communicate with the purchaser and to deliver the goods that he has promised - but up until now all our efforts have failed, we have had various excuses and explanations, but after over a month with no proof of dispatch or receipt of goods that have been paid for we felt that it was time to raise this issue to all forum members.

    At this point the member in question has been banned to hopefully prevent any further issues, but it's only fair that you guys have the members name and details to prevent anyone else being parted with their hard earned cash...

    This is not the first time that we have had issues with this member TBH - but he did eventually come throug the last time and was given the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately the purchaser on this occasion was unaware of the history and paid via bank transfer for his goods... recommends that any transactions should only be made via paypal to protect the purchaser - if you pay via bank transfer you have no come back. We as a forum cannot be held responsible for any deal entered into between parties, so please protect yourself and take reasonable precautiions. Anyway, enough of all of this - the member in question is....

    His username was easy_e and his real name is Ed Dalby

    The decision was taken by the moderators to let everyone know what is happening, hopefully there is a chance that the member in question will now contact the purchaser and deliver on his promise - all other lines of communication have failed so I am afraid that it is time to "name and shame" in the hope that this might "flush him out"...

    I will lock this thread so that it does not become a centre for opinions and comments that are not constructive - this thread was started in the hope that we can sort the issue out for the purchaser and to warn other members of the issue - please use PAYPAL and trusted sellers.
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