Hello guys,

I have a issue with my 2004 E87 120D climatronic. I'm guessig that something with the unit could be faulty, so here it goes
In the morning when I start the car i'm setting the climatornic on heat 22*C. ( outside are 1-2). For a couple of km it works fine'.
After a while, for example after ~ 60 Km, it starting to ventilate cold air. It's double climatornic so on both sides i'm setting 24 *C but still the same amount of air it's entering and it's still cold, there are not 24*.
It gets hot only when i'm set it on 28 *C maximum and then it's only hot. If I set 27.5 *C it gives cold air again, also the ventilation if it's set to minimum, it feels like the fan it's faster. I mean in normal conditions, when I start the car, before the 60 Km, when ventilation is set on minimum, is different after that 60 Km, because it feels that the fan it's blowing more air than the nimum speed (normal condition). I hope you understand and someone have encouter this issue.