Recently brought a 2008 118D from a bent nose type, the car has fairly extensive SH and drives nice. It has done 95000 miles.

The issue is that after about 20 mins, or whenever the car is warm (been driven and turned off and then driven again within 10-15 mins ) the DTC starts flashing and kicking in to the extent that the car is not really driveable.

If you press the DTC button until the letters DTC appear then the problem becomes a little less acute, but it's still there. If you press the DTC button for 5 seconds and get the A symbol in a circle staying on all the time it reverts to driving perfect.

My question is is that I have read many threads about this issue, however I get the impression that the problems described are present even when the car is cold, mine only starts when the car is warm and been driven for a while.

Does this give a clue as to what might be the issue ? And does anybody know any decent Indie,s near Canvey Island or Clacton in Essex ?

Any advice gratefully recieved.