I have a E36 318i (4 door) with the M40 engine and 4 speed auto transmission. Last week a Manual E36 325i (2 door) BMW crashed not far from my place, I went and took a look at it. The driveline looked good so I bought it off the owner for a fair price.

I have no interest in putting the engine in my car, however I wouldn't mind a manual transmission. Does anyone know if the transmission would bolt up to the M40 engine without any trouble? If it's too hard I won't worry about it, i'll just buy a manual down the track. I have converted a car from auto to manual before, and it's definitely harder that what people make it out to be. The hardest part is probably making sure you have all the parts, having this wreck means I would have everything I need (assuming the coupe parts are compatible with my sedan).

Is the tailshaft the same length?

Thanks for any help in advance,