I am facing an issue with the idle RPM in my 2001 BMW 316ti. The RPM value keeps fluctuating between 700 and 1100 RPM.
So I made a scan with the BMW scanner 1.4.0 which indicates the following error :
"2782 [10114] Camshaft sensor outlet"
I replaced the old sensor with a new genuine one, and I cleared the errors. After I run the engine, I still get the same error with the same car problem.
I tried to disconnect the inlet camshaft sensor, so I got two errors on the two camshaft sensors. I plugged the inlet sensor back, the error at the camshaft sensor inlet disappeared but I still have the error at the outlet.
Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
I am assuming it is the outlet sensor connector or the wiring. Can anyone send me the electric diagram of the connection and where to find the other end of the wires, so I can check them with a multimeter?