Ok so I bought the wife a 95 328 vert a year ago. Below the window line the car is fantastic, only had to do an oil change, new set of tyres and replace the AMS inlet to the engine as it was split. Not bad for an 800 car. . Why did I listen to her and get her a convertible. I knew the roof did not work when I checked the car out, little did I know what a minefield it would be. A year on she wants it working for the summer. So this is where I am at with it Roof and cover motors work, however when I try the roof reset procedure everything works except the roof motor. i,e. top cover locks and opens, windows go down. roof will not move and motor makes no noise. have bypassed the control module to confirm motor works. what are my options. [ please no smart comments like sell it and get a coupe. Iv'e already tried that and the wife won't budge ] Is it likley to be the control module or micro switches and any easy ways to check ?. Need to get this sorted as have eyes on a great e30 325 coupe for me ,but cant move until the vert is sorted, orders of the boss dammit.