Hello All

After eventually sorting out the water leak in the cabin which was the heater box seal (took me 2 months!) I have discovered that my CD changer was full of water. Now after researching, I can only come up with 2 possibilities one being the boot seal and the other tail light gaskets. The water seems to be collecting on top of the CD changer which I think would rule out the tail light gaskets.

After removing the CD changer I got into the boot and had a friend hose down the boot lid area and looked for leaks inside. I could not see any water entering the boot! Does anyone have any ideas where this water could be entering?

Also I noticed on the the CD changer after drying it out there were 3 Gold screws on the back which seem to look like transport screws. My CD changer did jump quite a bit previously and I am not entirely sure if these 3 screws are meant to be there or not. they are long screws with just a few threads at the tip.

Any help would be much appreciated.