So i need some help, and maybe someone has experienced this so you may be able to assist.

I purchased a 328xi with BMW Connected and BMW Assist, the car had the functionality working already and most of the features were on.

What wasn't working at that time was the i could not login to my BMW remote from my phone, so I called BMW assist and they told me to hit the SOS button on my so that the people on the other side can locate my car and set everything up properly for the first time. All went well with the setup at that time and all features were working except for BMW remote.

So a couple of days later i was talking to the dealership and they told me they would resubmit the contract to BMW assist and have it setup again, and also told me to hit the system update and after 24 hours everything should come back. So i did as they told me, but they I lost all my BMW assist and connected functionality as well as apps in my car. I waited 72 hours but still nothing, so I called my dealer again and said WTF. So they put me in touch with a delivery manager who said he will re-submit the contract and the BMW may be have system issues and they updates are not flowing down. I called BMW Assist and they said my profile is fine.

So now i'm at a waiting game and wondering if anyone here has had this issue and if so how did it get resolved.

Any help will be appreciated.