after 3 months ownership of 328i msport auto 2013 a problem occured with the stop start feature , when i came to a halt (red light , junction etc) the engine would stop but when it was time to move the engine did not fire up.
i had to switch ignition of completely and start from scartch this happened most of the time even when in sport mode or with the stop start switched of.very embarrissing when drivers behind you are beepiing their horns for you to get a move on.
anyway took back to bmw who test drove the car with me and everything happened like i told them ,the technician who drove the car with me said it was kangooring ? like juddering i suppose. after 2 days at bmw i was told it needed new fuel injectors which they replaced
i was not very happy that a new car (40grands worth) should have issues like this,it seems to have solved the problem but on occasions the juddering appears to be there not like before but maybe its in my mind when im driving.
thanks for reading