My E46 began to make klicking noises after I drove 200 km/h. As I heard this noise I stopped the car and let it cool down. It still made these noises so I had to drive home so I could inspect the car better. On the way my RPM wenr crazy going from 500 to 1500 back and forth while driving 80 km/h maximum.
The car doesnt start now. It was towed and is now in front of my house. It also looses oil now

The noise I heard sounded something like this in the beginning:
In my case the noise is present until 4000 rpm.

Some say it could be because of the disa device. Others say the cylinder could be damaged.

What else could it be? How can i test it? will go to an expert as soon as i can. Hope you can help me in beforehand.

My car:
E46 1998 318i 1.9L m43tu @199kkm

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