Hello, I recently had an engine failure on my 320d touring 2002. Well serviced.

Don't know the exact cause yet but on removal of the sump there are lots of shavings of white metal in the sump. Before dying there was a ticking noise at low speed.

The swirl flaps are still in place and intact. The timing chain is still in place. It appears to be something in the main engine block. Below cylinder 1 there are some heat marks which is where most of the shavings are. I guess something has worked loose inside.

Anyway, too late for all of that now! moving on I am hoping to swap the engine for a second hand complete engine (a bit of a gamble but at least I have a whole engine of spare parts available).

i have found one from a 2002 BMW 320d compact.

mine is a 2002 BMW 320d touring which I believe has a M47TUD20 engine.

We have a manual for it which helps.

The seller has sent me the following engine code from the replacement engine M47TUE


I would like to ask if anyone knows potential differences between the engines. i don't know my exact engine code yet but will do when I remove it when the crane arrives next week. I'm worried there may be differences in the electrical connectors/ wiring/ ancillaries which may make th engine swap process longer and unduly complicated.

Is there anything specific to check?

Hopefully you will tell me it's easy

Thank you for your help. Engine parts may be available in the future!!