hi all (1st post)
i have just collected a new 2015 320d auto and although it has a built in sat nav i much prefer to use my tomtom sat nav with traffic and speed cams installed. as i like to hide the power cable i used to run this satnav from my previous 2011 3 series' power outlet under the armrest and hidden under the centre console trim to the dashboard.
this new beemer only has a usb socket in the armrest. i have briefly connected my tomtom (5v 1amp output) to this socket and it seems to power it ok (the battery charging symbol on the satnav comes on?), but i have only connected this briefly as i read in the bmw manual that the usb socket should only be used for data transfer type outputs and not to power external devices.
can anyone who knows on here advise me please if it is safe to power my tomtom from the usb socket or not.
very much appreciate any advice given.
thanks in advance.