So I replaced the disk and pressure plate on my 2002 320d. After this, the clutch pedal moves in a way I'm not used to: when pressing the pedal, it feels pretty heavy and as if it has a spring under it (first 2/3), then suddenly the end is lighter, like the gas pedal.
Before the job, the pedal moved smoothly and evenly throughout the range, quite similar to the gas pedal, without any feeling of "rubberyness".

My question is, can it be that the previous pressure plate's springs were tired and thus moved easier and smoother, and that the new set will get better over time with use?
When we tried pressing the new PP's springs with a hydraulic press (resetting the self adjusting system requires this) we noticed that the springs behaved like the pedal does, requiring quite a lot of force initially, then when past a certain point (probably the engagement/release point), it gets easier and smoother.

Slave cylinder and bleeding are ruled out so it has to be the PP.