Hi All,

Wondering if I can get any adivce, I have a BMW 3 series E90 2005 - 320i with 95,000 miles - Petrol - Manual.

Since Ive had it (a year) I have had to put in more oil every month at least a litre a month - I put in Castrol GTX 0W-30 - The best oil possible.

Recently (Last Saturday) I had a complete engine flush with new oil change and filter change with new oil - oil as above.

After the oil change the oil sensor (this car has NO DIPSTICK :( !!!) told me it was all OK and that it was nearly on max - now as the last week has gone on - every 2 days the oil sensor has told me the oil is a quarter lower on the LED Display and now is closer to minimum.

No doubt in a day or 2 the oil warning will come on.

Its as if the oil is disappearing into thin air - their is no blue smoke from the exhaust, no white stuff where I put the oil - So i doubt this could be a headgasket or oil seeping into the exhaust. Their is also never any oil underneath the car when I move it off after a night.

I can imagine where this oil is going? The performance of the car is ok, and nothing abnormal and it cant be the oil sensor being faulty - can it? I used to put a litre in every month and it didnt flood the engine so the sensor must be "Half Correct"

Would anyone has any idea what is happening here?