Hi, Its been a while since I've been here - the projects I posted on previously are on hold for the moment due to serious ill health - there could be some parts up for sale shortly. However, that's all a different story.....maybe more later.

I've just purchased a '98 325tds Touring and overall, I'm very pleased with it - its very close to mint. However, I have never driven one of these before so my query could be about something that is normal for this model. The auto gearbox seems to hang on to gears for a long time before changing up - I'm close to 70mph and easy on the throttle before it changes into top. Is this normal for this model? Could it possibly benefit from a gearbox oil and filter change? Not sure if this has one of those 'sealed for life' boxes but I've heard of people still changing the oil and filter on those.

Any suggestions/experiences appreciated.