I recently test drove the E93 320d, 325d & 330d and after 5 seconds of driving the 330d M Sport I already had in my head that 330d was the one for me! After test driving for a bit and putting a deposit down, its not till after that some questions come to me that I didnt know or tbh feel really stupid asking in person! So here I am asking them stupid questions on here instead

1) 'BMW Professional Radio'. When taking for a test drive I didnt have the radio on as I wanted to listen out for any knocks or noise's the car may make when starting up, driving i.e on different roads, surfurace and cornering etc and got a bit carried away that i never actually switched the radio on. Are they a decent audio quality? Im not expecting amazing sound but interested to know if quality is good or if people reccomend i upgrade?

2) Follow on from my first question. Basic or not id like to improve the audio. Now im not a boy racer or into boot swallowing glass shattering speakers, amplifiers & subwoofers especially as its a convertible but id still like to add some form of amp and small if discreet sub to give my music that bit more of a personal feel. Has anyone done this on a convertible and is it even possible without huge differculties?

3) Re-Mapping = Car Newbie here. What does re mapping actually mean and what does it do?

4) Keys/ Trackers = Read somewhere about keys are easy to be cloned, Someone said to move opd port. tuck it out the way and replace it with a dummy one :shock: Instead of all that what are peoples recommendations for trackers. I saw reccomendation on here mentioned about company/brand called Cobra?

5)Run Flat's = I Read a lot of mixed reviews on run flats. What are peoples general opinion on them? Ive read somewhere because of the noise or grip wise on certain roads left a bit to be desired! Is this true?

Sorry for the essay of questions... still learning unfortuantly!! .. x_x