Hi Team

I have searched and read as much as i can before posting

I am new to posting but I am thinking I am using the wrong words when searching

The car I have is a 2003 318 Motorsport sedan. It has traveled 104 000 kms.

I have had recent work carried out to fix my problem including intake hose, Fuel Pump, Cam sensor, fuel filter. But I still have the problem.

My Issue is the cars engine stops suddenly, no warning and no sounds or lights just off, You don't know it has stopped or given any indication at all other than the car slows down so you push the accelerator pedal and of course there is nothing, The rev counter drops slowly with the speed of the car. You make it to the side of the road, Put car in Park and start the engine and away you go for a day or three it is random. It has happend at all speeds on hills on flat never at lights or sitting still idling but this might just be a coincident.

Workshop cleared all error codes last visit and after it did it again I took it back for a new scan but there was nothing recorded.

They are just replacing parts now and I am paying lots for them to learn.

Any ideas appreciated.