Hi guys, long time no visit.. To cut a long story short, last year I woke up one morning to find someone had hit my drivers door and left a deep dent and scracthes. And as usual no note was left behind, life goes on.. I had the intention to get it sorted but life took a few turns and my car plans had to be put on hold whilst I sroted out stuff out. But now I find myself in a position to to be able to get work done to my car and would like my door sorted. The car is in sapphire black 475 and is PRE LCi. I've seen a few on ebay and would rather get a used door in the same colour so it doesn't stick out.

My questions are:

My car has the LEDs on the door handle, would i need to transfer the wiring or does the wiring alread exist in the door and is just a matter of plug and play?

Same as above with my door mirrors which are electric folding mirrors?

Also some of the doors are listed as LCI model doors, do they have the same bases for the mirror back plates as my door mirrors are pre LCI?

I've read up on how to change the door locks over, its just with the above regarding the LCI door, I'd rather buy the right door than buy and find out it need further work if that is the case.

Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks.