Hi all, i'm new to this forum...hope you can help me. I have recently brought a 320D Touring MSport. When driving home on the motorway 80mph the car loss power. After stopping for a short while and restarting the car and driving 100 meters, it went into limp mode. Managed to get it started again and noticed that it was going into limp mode @ 2500 to 3000 revs. Managed to limp home. I then took it to a independent garage to have it looked at... they had the car for 10 days! They plugged in the computer and found the following...

009C5E JBE: Refrigerant pressure sensor
004C2F DDE: DDE Control Unit Internal
004C2E DDE: DDE Control Unit Internal
004C29 DDE: DDE Control Unit Internal
004530 DDE: Change-air pressure control, control deviation
004B10 DDE: Smooth running controller

Please note there are no signs/symbols on the dashboard.

1.They checked the ECU and found that it was opened, they checked for water damaged - no water signs. They checked that it was the right ECU for the car which it was.
2. They re-flashed the ECU restoring the data (they suspected that someone re-mapped the ECU but it went tits up) this did not resolve the problem
3. They went through the whole car, checking, turbo - turbo boost is good, rail pressure - they changed it with another - was also good, fuel pump, injectors, live test data,DPF is also good. you name it but they could solve the problem.

At the end of the 10 days... they said that it could have something to do with the ECU but needed a second opinion from the dealer.

(My cruise control was not activating when pressed, and my tyer pressure.

So instead of going to BMW to spend a fortune, I jumped onto Ebay and picked up an ECU that had only done 30k for a very good price, without mentioning the word (not sure if you can mentioned it on here) the new replacement was added with the same software but Mr Limp mode is still here.

At the moment the car is in another garage, stripped into little pieces

I am at wits end, very frustrated and need to to get this car sorted.

Can anyone help?

Yours Faithful
Mr Frustrated