Hi everyone,

Im really hoping for some help here with my car..

2001 e46 320d m47 136BHP (no swirl flaps)

So.. I have a boost problem, from the beginning I've had a few issues; vacuum hose split (Replaced all), Map sensor and a boost pressure converter. The car was sat for a little while, around a year maybe until I bought it a month ago as a project. Anyway, now the bits and bobs that needed to be replaced have been replaced the car still runs like a SH*T, but a lot better than before.

The car will pull away without any issue but its very sluggish until around 2.5k(Rpm) then the turbo kicks in, the car lurches forward, then by 3k(Rpm) the turbo cuts.

Now after scanning the car at work, I have an error that keeps reappearing.. 66 DDE Error -EEPROM or Coding.

After reading the data through the snap-on scanner, i realized the data from the MAF was wrong, and also the fuel temp was reading 39 degrees Celsius, (102f).. way to high.

Now this car has a lot of BMW service history. (Im 99% the MAF was programmed for the newer part number) Everything has been done at BMW as far as i can tell, apart from the lift pump, witch was a genuine Bosch one done at a specialist.

any help would be really helpful!

Thanks, Liam