Hi people,need your knowledge,played around with the soft top roof today,luckily been riding round in it for months with it down (as couldn't get it to work right) anyway decided to have a fiddle ....wish i didn't,the car was parked on an angle,one side up on high curb,wether that caused the problem or not,but know the roof is closed and locked at front on right side,but the other side locked but with the hood slightly up,then everything shut down !
Key in ignition,and no ignition lights,wont turn over,flashing roof light switch is off,and theup/down switch to make roof work won't work now.
Tried looking on U-tube for answers,none found yet but i have taken off the negative on battery and see if that will reset it all,otherwise any ideas ?
I have a hardtop roof to go on it in winter,and if i cant sort out this damn thing will take an angle grinder to the soft top to get it off !
Please help a frustrated idiot.
In return if you need any advice on buying or living in Bulgaria,where its sunny from May till September,then ask away lol.