Hello Folks!

I'm in need of some help. My E39 cluster had the pixelated lcd issue recently. I sent the cluster out for repair (I drove without a cluster for ~26 miles) and when it returned, I installed it and noticed that all my pixels were back. However, as soon as I started driving, I noticed my RPM gauge was not working, the MPG gauge was going crazy (like the earthquake readings from a seismometer), and my MPH gauge was slow to respond.

I initially thought maybe the gauge needles were damaged during the repair, but after I ran the on-board cluster indicator test, I noticed that all the gauges, lights, and indicators work as expected. This confused me some more

I also noticed the following issues:
* I get an "EEPROM-KI" error when I start the car
* The red tamper dot is on (no clue why since the IKE and LCM FGSTNR match). The cluster was never changed just repaired for pixel issue.
* Gear indicator (i.e. P, R, N, D, etc.) not displaying

I did the cluster reset and that did not solve the issue, which led me to think that maybe the cluster needs to be recoded. I purchased PA Soft hoping I could recode it myself. In the recoding section of PA Soft, I noticed that my gearbox was set to "Manual" when it's an automatic / steptronic. After recoding to automatic/steptronic, some issues were resolved. The gear indicator lights came back even in steptronic mode. However, this screwed up my MPH gauge. Now the gauge doesn't stop and continues to increase till it bottoms out. Then when the car stops it drops back to 0.

PA Soft also gives me the following IKE error codes:
FC [252] No CAN message (MST1)
BF [191] Internal fault, EEPROM checksum, coding incorrect/incomplete
83 [131] Speedometer signal

I'm thinking that maybe PA Soft is not coding to my car correctly as in it's coding a different model, or different version code, etc.?

Here is some info from my IKE:

BMWTNR: 6.914.895
HW: 19
SW/FSW: 15
Cl: 12
Dl: 09
Bl/Vl: 12
Date: 09/02
ADFG: 000007
Algorithm: M35080-1

Based on the information from this post, I know that you should not drive over 120 miles without a cluster, and the tamper dot will come on if the FGSTNR from IKE doesn't match LCM, but in my case they do: How does an E39 determine miles (specific question based on red tamper dot avoidance) - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

I appreciate all the feedback and thank you in advance!