hi all the flex plate on my 530d failed so I have changed it and since I had to drop the fluid out of gearbox I thought I would change sump, flter and oil. I have put new sump on and filled gearboxwith oil I got in the kit , 7 litres to be exact and the problem is I have used all 7 litres and it has not trickled out of fill hole yet like it says it should to say its full , no where local supplies the oil I got supplied so will have to order more offline but cant really wait , what I don't understand is how come it has took so much oil as gearbox company says 5 litres is normally the amount ? am I doing something wrong ? I filled box till it came out , started car went through gears topped up again went through gears again and topped up with engine running in park but its took all 7 litres and still needs more I presume , I only took 5 to 6 litres out when I dropped oil out originally ? any help or info would be great thanks