Good evening peeps

Ok, as title suggests i have a non running beloved e60

please bear with me as i am new to this site (15 minutes in fact)

right here goes,

I was driving to work on monday afternoon driving approx 40mph when all of a sudden the car just cut out! i had no warning or any lights on dash no bangs or clunks. i rolled halfway up a hill and was stranded. The car will not start (it turns over but not fully starting) has compession. anyway, greenflag turned up and said "timing chain has snapped" without looking at the car!? i am not 100% convinced. i got car towed to my home.

I have plugged a reader in to the car and i have the following error codes:

4536: power battery
4497: inteligent battery sensor
43E2: change over rail pressure control
4BB1: airflow sensor supply
4661: power supply
4203: glow module communication
4321: quantity regulation valve, short circuit -b
4351: rail pressure regulation valve, short circuit -b
4191: boost pressure actuator regulation valve, short circuit -b
3EC0: camshaft - no signal
3EC1: camshaft - wrong signal

I have had a look on net and a couple of peeps had same symptoms as me (engine cut out then doesnt start at all) they seem to think a fuse of somesort?

Car has full BMW service history and milage is 126,000

Recentlly had cracked manifold changed,both stats,4 new tyres,both bumpers,bonnet,and wings re-sprayed to get my car perfect and now this big problem so, any ideas guys would be much appreciated