E60 525 How to code Xenons into E60
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    How to code Xenons into E60

    Hey there,

    A friend recently upgraded his 2004 E60's halogens to Xenons, and asked me to sort the coding out for him. I've previously set up and coded things for him so I have NCS Expert set up and ready to use on my laptop and am aware of how to use it, but I've never changed the VO. The research I've done says that $522 is the code that needs to be added to the VO number to enable Xenons. Which module(s) does this VO need to be added to for an E60, and once I've done so successfully, is there anything else that needs to be done? Hoping to get some input from people that have already done this on an E60.

    Thanks in advance, it's much appreciated.
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