I've recently experienced a muntjack Deer Strike to the front offside of my car which has caused damage to the bumper and air guides before the radiator. It has also bent the mounting bracket holding the Long Range Radar (LRR) The cruise did not operate after the impact but was working fine prior etc.

I have bent the bracket back to what I think is the correct place (assuming the LRR generally points forwards) and found that it operated correctly except that it would register the car infront alot later (I.e. Closer) than before. Great I thought, It's just the bracket in the wrong place.

I have removed the bracket and straightened it and when I try cruise control I get a warning in the dash that the sensors are faulty and to consult bmw.

BMW are very vague to my questions, resorting to the standard "bring it in and we'll run a diagnostics"

My question I suppose is, how likely is it that the LRR is damaged due to the impact (No physical marks on unit) or is the LRR just not pointing in the right direction? How sensitive is the setup of these things as I see there is adjustment options on the mounting pins of the unit?

Any clarity would be greatly appreciated.