Good morning boys and girls...

My tried and trusted and sometimes mistrusted and misguided 2001 E38 is giving me grief.

More specifically I had the car checked at BMW yesterday and I got 2 faults.

1) A misfire in one of teh cyliners. Presumably ignition coil. Computer reset and will monitor was course of action.
2) Torque converter slip. Assmed that the misfire may have resulted in this fault.

At no time have fault lights lit up on the dashboard. The car seems to be running ok but now I am paranoid that maybe the auto trans is buggered. I am now starting to possibly see the occasional flare on initial gear change what could be 2nd gear?

Question is... anyone had somethi9ng like this before? Can auto trans specialists do tests on a gearbox that are diagnostic without taking the gearbox out of teh car and disassembling it? If the fault was a torque converter slip, does this suggest a 'simple' solution of replacing the torque converter? Or am I missing the bigger picture here with something potentially ball bustingly expensive?

On a different slant... who in the UK sells reconditioned auto trannies? BMW keeps telling me they dont themselves have these things reconditioned and then onsold by BMW..