Hi everyone, I am brand new to this forum, I hope I'm properly following the rules by launching right into my problem. My 2001 750il has been sitting for 6 years. I got her running again by replacing all fluids, all filters, batteries, cap, rotor, plugs, fuel. She runs great, is throwing a few codes that I need to mend. About 30 miles after replacing the crank case breathers on the back of the intake manifolds, the car went into Transmission Failsafe Mode. For the 45 minutes or so I was driving it the car ran amazing. By the way, it was the first rainy day it has seen in 6 years.

I finally was able to check out the codes the transmission ECU is showing. they are:
34: EGS: Gear monitoring 2
50: EGS: ECU internal fault 1 (EPROM)
59: < I can't find any information for this code >

Now I have these codes, but don't know what to do about them. I would love to be able to get the car running again. I hope someone here can help point me in the right direction.

Thank you