E65 730 DPF Problems
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Thread: DPF Problems

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    DPF Problems

    Hi folks I have a D P F problem, I will start from the word go, I had a blocked D P F filter around 9 months ago I bought new and changed it everything Ok came out of limp mode etc , then about 3 weeks ago I found the car was losing power up hill I have a Carly diagnostic on my phone which is not bad so I did a diagnostic and came up with D P F fault and all the glow plugs needed changing and throttle valve had 2 faults, so I have changed plugs and valve as per recommended by BMW Mechanic as he said you cannot do a D P F regeneration if you have faults on your engine. I have also been told by a mechanic to check out the hoses on the D P F sensor or maybe the sensor itself as he reckons that the D P F should not have blocked up in the short time it has been on and could be getting adverse readings from sensor etc, I haven't put a diagnostic on the car since I finished replacing heater plugs and throttle valve as yet this I will do today.
    What I require at moment is the position of the D P F sensor on the vehicle so that I can check it out, and any information that you good folk might be able to advise me with in relation to this problem, I am not a bad mechanic as such I am a qualified fitter a turner so engines are not rocket science to me and I have always done my own servicing and repairs, but you cannot get any manuals on a 7 series which will give you facts and figures and relevant information which is very frustrating as this would able you to work things out, so any relevant info or advice from you good people would be most welcome.
    PS I will send results from diagnostic when I have had a chance to do so and any information that will help others when I get it fully sorted Many thanks Mike

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    I assume that you mean the DPF Temperature sensor, it is located just forward of the DPF in the link pipe to it. In fact there is an exhaust hanger right next to it.

    If this sensor is faulty then this could give misleading readings to the car, I would certainly not suspect the DPF after such a short time after replacement.

    Get the codes read and see what that throws up! Come back with the results and we can investigate from there.

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