Hi All, I am new to this forum and have searched for info on my problem but not found a post which fits. Here's my problem. A month ago my indicators started misbehaving. The Right turn would not work, the Left would not switch off, even when centred. The problem moved left to right, corrected itself for a short time then I could signal Right and Left but using centre (off position) and Left (for right). Even more confusing to try to get the correct indicator to flash when driving!!

Now they do not work at all. However the Hazards are fine and work correctly. Studied the circuit diagrams on the WDS in detail, replaced the switch - no change. Tested both switches - working correctly. Continuity between switch and Pin 30 at X10117 (LCM Connector) at high and low resistance levels (c1K ohm and c300ohm). Switch earth OK when tested separtely. All other indicator switch functions work correctly (computer & High beam). So must be Light Check Module you all say. Well diagnostics scan showed no errors and my garage then switched it for a spare to see if fault dissapeared. There was no effect, fault persisted. I have since run continuity tests again but all individual components seem OK and lights work on the hazard switch. I am now much puzzled. Please any suggestions???