Hey all

Got an issue here which I can't figure out or find much info on.

As some of you may know, in DISv57 you can set the the minimum valve lift in mm. There are two options, the standard which is 0.3mm and 0.8mm.

The option for 0.8mm is not recommended but it offers a smoother idle at expense of performance and fuel economy.

My car previously had some issue with the valvetronic setup and a BMW "specialist" had set the min valve lift to 0.8mm as a bandage instead of resolving the actual issue.

Went to another indy and it needed a new motor and eccentric shaft which got changed and it was loads better.

The minimum valve lift is now set back to 0.3mm as it should be, however if you look in the DISv57 valve lift mm live data info, the lowest I've seen it go is 0.5mm, INPA also reports valve stroke as 0.5mm. I assume this should be 0.3mm.

Now in INPA the VVT page seems a bit, erm, buggy? But if I advance the motor over 0.5mm whatever I set sticks. So I can set it to 0.56mm, 0.6mm, 0.68mm, whatever and then I can look at the live data and I can see that change has been made. But if I go below 0.5mm, the motor will only go to 0.5mm and no lower.

The only thing I can think of with my limited understanding of the system is that as the valvetronic motor and the eccentric shaft connect together with a helical gear, before the valvetronic motor was put on, the eccentric shaft was already slightly advanced rather than being wound all the way anti clockwise?

Sorry for the wall of text, but any help would be hugely appreciated.