Hi, I am in need of some advice and guidance.

I worked on my Z4 Replaced the pump / motor that activates the Soft top.

When that trauma was completed it became apparent that an electrical issue had developed during the time it was being worked on. Numerous symptoms but the most obvious issue is the blinkers working although that are not shown on the console. The A/C blows hot air and the console display is dim / half bright. An intermittent miss fire at around 3000rpm.

All three computers have been swapped out and no resolution. Just recently the LCM has been removed and tested and it is good.

I read that the Airbag control module can get impacted by moisture. I am just at the point of removing the rear storage console to check to see if that is an issue. The location of this module doesn't seem to scream "water" issue to me.

I have seen a photo of the module - I am not sure of the actual location. Is the module under the carpet under the rear console storage area? Or is there another location / unit that I need to know about? if it is damaged and I swap it out, is it necessary to get it re=coded to suit the VIN number?

Any other suggestions regarding issues to explore and eliminate? My local BMW dealer is not interested in assisting me as he is too busy / my money is not the right colour.
I am keen to resolve the issue myself and both save money and gain expertise etc.

Any one with suggestions and comments very welcome.