Hey All,

Im new to all this and haven't had to use it in the past (and a girl)... but ive got an issue with my 120D 2005 plate and need some help.

For the last three weeks ive had the ABS, Traction control and handbrake warning lights on. Ive experienced the car 'jumping' when driving and the traction control light flickering also. The lights were initially all yello, but the handbrake light has now changed to red (and no the handbrake is not on )

Two weeks ago i was driving along and all of a sudden lost my speedometer. I stopped at a local garage and they told me that after code reading it, it was due to the Left rear wheel speed sensor. Had the right one changed last year so no major hassle... or so i thought...

Since then i have taken it to another garage that have had it on diagnostics twice and both times it has displayed rear wheel speed sensor left and also right on some ocassions. i have taken it this mroning to have the left rear wheel speed sensor changed and have been told that it is probably not that causing the issue and could be the ABS pump?!

I have to drive with the DTC switched off all the time as it just cuts engine power as soon as i drive, speedometer fails sporadically and also the fuel gauge (miles left on dashboard) went crazy yesterday when the speedometer went.

Can anyone help with what i should do? Would it be worth trying the speed sensor first??

Thank you