Hey there fellow BMW fans, new member here with a few questions and am in need of a little advice if you would be so kind.

Recently I picked up a 2005 320i SE E90 with 31k on the clock and full history etc and must say I'm loving the car so far. However I found the sound system to be basic and not very loud! I decided to buy a new head unit and figured I would simply remove the old one and fit the new one with ease (never had any trouble in the past). So far it has proven to be a bit of a ballache. Here's where I am right now, I have the new unit fitted and connected up but I only get sound from the rear left speaker. If I go into the system settings and adjust the fader/balance etc, everything still only plays from the rear left speaker. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

The new unit I purchased is the Sony MEX-N5100BT and I also purchased this wiring harness and the Sony patch lead too. All the steering wheel controls work great and I still get sound from my parking sensors too. The only issue is the lack of sound from my speakers :(

One more question if I may, I have hooked up the yellow constant 12v supply for the head unit to the fuse board. I am not very confident when it comes to electrics and would like your thoughts on whether or not it is safe and will do. I have pushed the wires spade connector into the fuse board and the wire has a 15 amp inline fuse.


Any advice/thoughts much appreciated!